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Sports & Leisure Displays

Statistics in this industry sector continue to show that the UK market is large by any standards, but that there is still much more to be done in terms of making people aware of the benefits of a wellbeing and fitness approach to their lifestyle across a variety of activities including , running , walking , ski-ing, cycling,

The total Sports & Leisure industry is estimated to be worth just under £24 billion annually employing just over 1 million people, with a consumer spend of more than £8 billion!

Gym and fitness centres are forecast to grow to  over 4200 by the year 2020 as are the numbers of personal trainers whose earnings are already generating a massive  ca. £670 million per annum.

Some of our recent  in- store POS display design and manufacturing work has included  podiums for Dare2 B Running Shoes, Freestanding units for SixPad Training Gear and Gore- Tex, Nike Airfix Clothing hanging displays and Counter Top displays  for Continental, Bayan Audio  and IFrogz.

Other Display Ideas for Your Products

With a wide range of innovative POS displays for use on-shelf and on-counter as well as Gondola and Freestanding display unit (FSDU) designs in various material selections such as metal, wood, plastic and card, ImpulsePOP has become the ‘go to’ source for successful in-store solutions.

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