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What a Positively, Sport Lovingly, Beamingly, Brilliantly Exciting HOT Summer! Sporting displays: The driest, hottest summer in over 40 years and here at Impulse POP, we are loving it!

The fantastic sports events of the Summer of 2018 have generated a connectivity and air of enthusiasm and positivity not seen in years!

Football, Rowing, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Golf, Cycling and more!

We have witnessed so many of our young sports personalities and players showing the rest of the world what can be achieved in a climate of hot weather and people connectivity that we want it to carry on for a long time yet!.

Here at Impulse we want to say a big thanks for the inspiration that a few of them have given to us:

Jack Draper for making us all realise that we can achieve great things at any age-16 years old and a Wimbledon Finalist – Wow!

Gareth Southgate and his Young England footballers- over achieving as the third youngest squad at this years World Cup plus a Golden Boot for Harry Kane – COME ON!!

The England’s Women Cricket team results against New Zealand – what performances they were!

We know that it’s not a co-incidence that there has been an increased footfall in UK retail in June and July-positive connectivity brings enthusiasm and willingness to get out and enjoy ourselves-bring it on!

What a great opportunity this Summer to get fit, watch some great sport and catch some sunshine-all at the same time!

Even Pilates and Yoga classes are being conducted Outdoors in the UK this year!

This fantastic Summer of 2018 weather has brought spectator sport to a whole new level and encouraged so many of us to start actively participating in our chosen sport again.

We are being approached to design some new in-store sporting displays to reflect some of these great events of the Summer here are a few examples:



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