Why You Should Consider Sport Displays in Store

Even though the retail industry has been massively hindered by the effects of Covid-19 and things like Social Media have gained more influence over how we shop, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel with stores set to reopen very soon.  

This of course means plans are now being put into motion by shop owners who want to ensure they can take advantage of what could be a major boom on the high-street as the novelty of visiting stores again could last for quite some time. 

There are lots of industries that excel in marketing their products in stores, and this has always included any sports that prove themselves to be among the most popular around the country.  

Nothing can incite positivity more than the prospects of playing or watching sports live, and this year is set to be one of the biggest yet, as we finally get to watch England play at the delayed 2020 European Championships, and Lewis Hamilton will be aiming to clinch an historic title number eight in Formula One. 

Below are some of the many reasons you should think about getting sports and leisure displays designed by the expert team we have here at Impulse Pop.

Massive Industry

sports game

Can you really afford not to be involved in an industry that’s worth just under £24 billion every single year? Certain things go out of fashion and trends can often alter as time passes, but the popularity of the sport in the United Kingdom is one of the most permanent features behind our identity. Simply having displays for things like the Premier League or Wimbledon Tennis has the potential to create a surge of intrigue.

If you have sporting products you want to promote in-store, then we will be able to find the right brand identity to ensure you can advertise yourself with conviction. It all starts with the very first impression, and having a tangible display means you are in direct physical contact with any potential customers right away. 

Promotes Well-Being

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After sitting in-doors and generally lounging our way through the last few months in lockdown, many people are likely to want some form of exercise as part of their life. Being a proponent for physical activities is a great way to ensure you are left, right and centre in the fight against things like depression and obesity. With a display in store, you will once again be able to relay key messages about your product and how this can benefit people as they aim to either lose weight or enhance their mood.

Connecting with the Customer 

man choosing skiing boots

If a pair of trainers or a football shirt is presented in front of you, then you have the opportunity to grab hold of the product and check its suitability there and then. This is especially important for high-value goods where people will want to make informed decisions before going ahead with any purchases. Sporting displays can also encourage you to promote endorsements over certain products as well-known athletes may also be using the same things at professional level. 

You will also be able to create a customer experience that helps people to engage with the products and even try them out. Some of the most common displays that come with a demonstration area would be companies that market golf clubs, where you can practise striking the ball into a simulator. 

Sport games in 2021

Most Popular Sports in the United Kingdom


It’s pretty obvious that the most popular game in the country is football, owing to the nationwide attention most international tournaments receive. The entirety of England often connects and puts their differences to one side when the Three Lions head out on their next adventure, which is often followed by a wave of overwhelming disappointment!

Many clubs are often at the centre of people’s overall identity and many towns see the activity of supporting their local team as a means to express pride in where they are from. Around the world, many football clubs are international brands that generate millions in revenue. The scope of football is exemplified by the fact there are currently 92 professional teams playing in the country. 


The very first cricket test match to take place was between England and Australia in 1877, so it’s fairly obvious that the sport has managed to leave a mark on the world. Ever since the birth of cricket, we have seen entire counties get swept away with the regional version of the game, where the summer season in this country is largely dictated by the cricket calendar. 

Getting on the bandwagon from a commercial perspective can also be a goldmine for people who understand the importance of in-store presence when merchandising. This comes from the fact cricket requires lots of equipment that must be purchased before setting out onto the field, which includes things like hats, protective clubs, and very specific clothing.


When International Rugby comes round in the form of the World Cup or Six Nations, you will soon know! This is among the most anticipated events on the sporting calendar since England often face-off with fellow neighbours Scotland, Wales and Ireland for some of the biggest prizes. Over 857 million people watched the 2019 World Cup final, offering us concrete evidence that this sport is growing in popularity all the time.

You can see what kind of sport displays we have created before, and even learn more about our services by getting in touch with our team here.


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