Producing Excellence in Retail!

I don’t think we’ve been in a similar situation to this since the Autumn of 2008.

As we approach a telling week for the Eurozone, doom and gloom in the press about a Wet, disasterous spring for retail – lets look at the upside.

We’ll soon be experiencing the best August footfall in London for years (2012 Olympics) and all thats needed now is a bit of confidence within the FMCG Sector – Impulse is fortunate to be operating in areas that have had long term investment commitment – Entertainment, Healthy Snacks, and Emerging Technologies – thats not to say that budgets are not being restricted though!
We are planning for the upcoming “In Store Show” at Earls Court in 29th/ 30th June, it will be interesting to see if attendance is affected by the current climate. Come and see us at G207! We’ll be exhibiting examples of recent projects, and looking forward to discussing any projects coming up that you may have.

Regardless of the situation with Greece (and others) in Europe, we maintain that the UK offer, if anything, is enhanced now. We can offer value for money, and add value through our expert experience.

Impulse have embarked on a Government assisted ” Passport to Export” programme – which enables us to trade with local assistance in neighbouring economies. Given the climate, this should give us great opportunity to expand the business – will keep you posted.
Finally, we can also say we’ve done our first job relating to The Jubilee – some 4 ft Diamonds, soon to be seen in Jaeger.