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Shop windows are becoming increasingly valuable marketing assets as brands transform spaces into retail theatre.

Walking around Oxford Street and Covent Garden, I was visually greeted with spring. Making my way through the high streets, I saw many flowers in the windows of the stores, which instantly made me think of spring. When I was looking at the window displays I noticed people being drawn into the stores. Every season retail stores collide and combine the seasonal spirit to create a perfect storm of window creativity.

Whilst not every retailer is ready to unveil their particular seasonal spirit just yet, many have been planning their displays for months and prepare seasonal window graphics, fabric backdrops and merchandise presentations for the launch of their spring collections.

With the rise of digital media, it’s become tougher to capture the attention of consumers, and many will often walk down the street staring at their phone screens rather than at the shops that they walk past. So, therefore, I believe that it is important for retailers to make sure that their window displays meet the maximum engagement from the shoppers.

The display that stood out to me the most was Debenhams.

What I loved about these Debenhams window displays is that it almost looks realistic. The flowers coming up from the floor really captured my attention instantly and I thought this was a really clever idea. Their use of yellow and pink flowers really captures the essence of this season for me.

In Store products need to be presented in a way that the customer can understand exactly what they do and how they help them? This is where great Point of Sale and freestanding merchandised displays really come in to play, however shop windows can be more extreme with flair and expense tends not to be spared.

Springtime brings the brightest and most refreshing colour palettes. It is a chance for retail stores to bring their new spring inventory with a creative window display. Catching customer’s attention and drawing them into their stores by showcasing some of their new products in their windows. These stores certainly did just that!

Here’s the House of Fraser window display:

Floral is clearly the go-to trend for spring 2019 and we love it!

Charlotte's view of Spring High Street 2019

Written by Charlotte Dean

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