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Perhaps Spring is really the most wonderful time of year, and not Christmas! Well, the days are longer and the weather is often much more positive for starters. With that, retailers are of course looking to harness their efforts with Spring in mind, displaying their goods and services with the sort of gusto you expect from this far more upbeat period. 

Spring also happens to have been a hugely significant time of year for Impulse POP, so we’ve decided to look back at some of our major accomplishments and also explained how you can use this season to great effect when marketing yourself in the high street

Harness Spring Positivity

We’re not lying when we say Spring is a hugely significant period for business growth, in fact, we experienced some amazing progress back in 2012, with a 30% increase compared to the previous year. Not bad! Especially as this was recorded after just two months had passed.


During 2012, we also relished the prospect of enhancing our cultural creativity to cater for new and emerging trends which have stayed with us in the present day. This included work on a Saudi Petrochemical Market, which also demonstrated how we’re never restricted by geography with our point of purchase solutions. 

Providing our services overseas meant developing a brand new approach, since proven formulas used in Europe weren’t guaranteed to translate well elsewhere. That certainly did broaden our scope, with far more focus on technology and visual impact, both of which were often disregarded in the UK to due costs. 

Over 100 retail outlets took advantage of our point of purchase displays heading into Easter of that year, covering a wide range of sectors including cosmetics, entertainment and clothing. With careful planning, this would have created the ultimate promotional tool which could really capture the essence of Spring when marketing in front of the general public. 


Brand New Services

Going even further back, and during 2010, we started to develop two brand new areas of our business. The first of which was helping display a range of new sweets through a retro-fitting system for existing shop kits found in stores. We were particularly delighted with the clear category segmentation we achieved, offering this client with the wow factor they needed to drive sales over the Spring months. 

We also developed an interactive display for a DVD retailer, and although these are now fairly obsolete, lots of the innovation we deployed in this project can be used to market more contemporary products today. Never one to hold back from a challenge, the Impulse team agreed to get the first 20 sites kitted out within April alone! Major brands have also demonstrated how Spring is often the best time of year to broaden their offerings, as evident by the amazing fragrance lab which was launched by Selfridges in 2014. Using a touchscreen, you could select images, answer questions about your preferred disposition, then using headphones, walk around an immersive experience which helped to create your perfect essence.

Have You Considered Shop Window Displays? 

Fast-forward to more recent times, and 2019 was a year in which window shop displays were handed the spotlight. With their fantastic visual appeal upon greeting customers, they have become a hugely valuable marketing asset for brands looking to transform their retail space. This was truly brought to life upon visiting Covent Garden in London that year, with lots of stunning Spring visuals popping out from every corner. 

A shop window display which really stood out was created for House of Fraser, whose subtle use of typically Spring flowers provided the sprinkling they needed to make their displays look appropriate for that time of year. That also meant their products could still do the talking, something hugely important for their clothing which is all about appearance. 

House of fraser

Create The Perfect Spring Displays With Impulse POP

Spring is an amazing time of year for retail, so don’t hold back and let us help you take the high street by storm over the coming months. Contact our team today for more information. 


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