Producing Excellence in Retail!

Store Show 2011: Impulse exhibited for the third year running, and are pleased to confirm that we are booked again for 2012.

Analysis after the show was mixed, the hard evidence is that each year has been successful from the all-important Sales and Client perspective – its all about the orders!

The number of visitors was lower this year, yet the quality seemed to be as good as previous years.
It makes me wonder if the culture of doing business is changing, or are people just getting lazier? i?ll explain… as the marketing landscape changes, social marketing enables a higher perception of accessibility. So why bother to make an effort to go and see what is going on at an exhibition? The internet should provide all the information you need – but does it?

In my humble opinion, no!! Impulse has developed a range of IPAD Displays. You would think that the most popular, and best-selling Technology item of 2011, will have every conceivable accessory / Display available to view on the internet. You try and Google it, and the results are a mess. You cannot put all your trust in web research alone. The experience of face to face communication should not be underestimated.

Each time we prepare for the show, we all question the effort required to carry it out – but nothing beats actually facing people and spending a few minutes in a worthwhile conversation.
So, in a roundabout way, this is why we will be exhibiting in 2012.

Apply this to the Retail Environment – you cannot rely on virtual advertising alone – people want to touch and feel the products, see them on engaging and exciting Displays, hence why over 60% of buying decisions are made at the Point of Purchase.

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