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The Approach to Easter. As we approach Easter, Impulse has seen a positive start to 2012. Turnover is up at this point in 2011 by over 30%, which is encouraging. Let’s not forget though, that we are only 2 months into the year!

Briefings are at an all-time high, mainly due to our greater emphasis on sales, and targeting different sectors. That’s the great thing about Retail Point of Purchase, we are not restricted either by brand or geography. An exciting Global Project we are currently developing is destined for the Saudi Petrochemical Market.

I personally find this interesting, as it challenges our cultural creativity. I mean by this – our experience with what works from cost and visual perspective in Europe does not necessarily apply elsewhere. We are having to approach this in an entirely different way – which has opened up areas in technology and visual impact, normally disregarded in our home market (mainly due to budget!)

Generally, we are finding it tougher to win work – as prices are becoming lethal.

When analysing the results – this finding is also because we are pitching for more work, so however good we are, we cannot expect to win everything!

Its good to see a positive retail mood, especially at this time of year – Easter will be the next measure, and with the level of campaigns we have ongoing – it should continue to improve.
We will have shipped Free-Standing Point of Purchase Displays to over 1000 Retail Outlets by Easter. This is across various sectors, including Cosmetics, DVD and Music Entertainment, Premium Clothing and Forecourt Brands.

I read in the press yesterday about John Lewis’s fall in profits, yet the right attitude to the longer term. JL has an admirable model, which means that through this period of “Austerity” they will have consolidated their brand position and improved customer loyalty, at the expense of a bit of profit. Others will come and go, and this is entirely evident in our part of the sector. The problem is always “how low can a price go?”

Digital POP is still an emerging turnover item for us, our IPAD Displays are proving popular as retailers run trials. Conversion to roll-out seems to take longer than you’d expect – again budget driven i think.

Back soon – Happy Easter to All.

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