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The world of retail is becoming ever more reliant on digital technology to survive, and this has only been amplified as a result of the pandemic. The high street has taken a real battering, so how can businesses continue to survive in what is becoming an ever-changing world? To ensure Impulse is still at the heart of the retail sphere, we have decided to overhaul our website, helping us to promote our portfolio and services in line with the most current trends. We can’t wait to show off our brand new web presence, and truly believe this has become something that should be adopted by anyone who wants to remain prosperous during the technological age we now live in.

Keeping up regular web maintenance is crucial for search presence on Google, something which has now become the holy grail for leads and ultimate sales within just about any line of work. Implementing changes on a proactive basis means you’re likely to remain left, right and centre of the listings, allowing you to steal a march over your main competitors. Whether it be the general layout of the site or the content being written, everything counts towards your credentials to take the world of online by storm. Alongside online efforts, we have also seen further technology come into the fold, making the retail experience more digital than it’s ever been.


Online Shopping

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When you need to purchase something, the first instinct for many would be finding desired products on well-known online marketplaces such as Amazon. Ever since eCommerce stores rose to prominence in the 1990’s, this has provided consumers with more choice and greater convenience in the way they shop. Within the digital age, eCommerce sites like Amazon have also managed to further secure the custom of everyday consumers with their streaming service, offering a wide selection of tv and film content at no extra cost within their prime membership.

Another prominent name within the world of online selling is of course eBay. Since its launch in 1995, this has also provided greater ease in which people can grab hold of their desired items, especially since you’ll have access to rare items which might not be locally based. People also have the opportunity to sell things and build up a good reputation among like minded people. Whether you use big names online or small independent traders, the depth of choice and accessibility makes this a far better alternative to physical retail shopping trips.


Six Types of Online Shopper

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The Impulse Buyer

This applies to both physical retail and online stores. Basically, customers will be urged into making impromptu purchases, even if this isn’t something they really need.

The Bargain Hunter 

A great feature behind eCommerce sites is being able to create marketing around discounted goods, something which lots of people actively seek out.

The Educated Shopper 

Certain people know what they want and the price they’re willing to pay.

The Brand Loyalist 

Online is a great place to establish a reputable brand, and should you achieve this, you can expect regular custom from certain shoppers.

The Browser 

There’s quite a few occasions where you might desire some form of shopping experience, but not sure what you actually want.

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The Practical Shopper 

They know what they want and will only purchase products that fit their specific requirements.

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Retail

People who still like the idea of visiting physical shops but also enjoy the benefits that come from technology typically found online will be pleased to hear that augmented reality makes this possible. Pretty much every man, woman and child was instantly swept away with the Pokémon Go phenomenon back in 2016, where this demonstrated how modern innovation can make the real world slightly more captivating and interactive.

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Using augmented reality comes with a number of benefits from a retail perspective, as you’ll be able to extract data from customers, using this to predict trends and make more informed decisions about which products they’re most likely to purchase. The approach we have taken here at Impulse would be focusing our efforts on guiding consumers, rather than presuming the brand always knows best.


Further Retail Technology 

Phone Beacons 

Retailers such as Urban Outfitters are now using small wireless devices called ‘beacons’. This allows brands to send offers to people’s smartphones, instantly grabbing their attention and offering a more personalised level of service. Phone beacons extract data from social media channels, closely analysing activity to ensure you’re handed to most relevant notifications.


360-Degree & 3D Features 

According to Omnivert, after studying more than 700 million adverts, they found that 360-degree images and videos were 300% more effective than more traditional 2D counterparts. At the forefront of this shifting trend would be Snapchat, who advertise products in 3D within its platform, creating a more effective means to connect with customers and improve interaction. BMW became the first to use such technology, using this to allow customers to virtually walk around cars.

We can’t wait for the world to see our brand new website! If you want to learn more about the importance of digital retailing, website improvements or any point of purchase displays we offer, simply get in contact with the Impulse team today.

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