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High Street Talking: The Shopper Explored: For our second audio instalment ImpulsePOP want to find out if shoppers are aware of their store habits – does a shopper have a shopping style online and offline.

We spoke to Jess, Lisa and Nina. Please click below to hear their thoughts.

Interview: x 3 professional women all homeowners
Shopping zone: Milton Keynes shopping centre and Bristol shopping centre

conversation covered:

  • The shopper explored
  • Shopping habits physical vs online purchase
  • What type of highstreet displays pull me in a store
  • What type of online displays pull me in an online store
  • What shopping experience do I like

What gets our attention and pulls us into a high street shop:

  • Shops that pull me in are less frantic
  • Clean entrance
  • Calm inside
  • Well merchandised
  • Keep up with specific sessions or events
  • Whole room displays work to grab attention
  • After a nice experience

Highstreet shops that we shop in:

  • Zara
  • John Lewis
  • Mama and Papas
  • Whistles
  • Ted Baker
  • More in the audio!

What gets our attention and pulls us into an online shop:

  • Good filtering such as colour
  • Easy to see results
  • Catwalk model walk around video
  • Product video
  • Good labelling
  • Lots of shots of the product
  • Very easy to navigate
  • 360 view
  • Fast returns and free delivery

Online shops we that we visit:



shopper explored

Listen to High Street Talking Audio Blog 1 HERE.

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