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The Smell of Spring is here… Hello. this is a quick entry – I’m conscious that we’ve been quiet on the blog recently.

You smell. Just ask Selfridges. Last week they launched a Fragrance Lab which identifies your aroma by creating a bespoke eau de toilette based on your personality. You use a touchscreen to select images you like, answer questions about your disposition, and pop on headphones for a wander around an immersive experience where you sniff the inside of drawers (furniture, not a lady’s) and stand in Selfridges’ window while it’s pumped full of dry ice. Then you’re given a 50ml bottle of your own essence.

Follow this link to read more about the experience

I originally read about this on a train coming back from London.

I love Spring, more daylight, there is the feeling of hope (apart from when you consider our chances in the World Cup!)

Retail has been up and down, we are not alone in having both the busiest and quietest times since November last year, but generally there is more activity coming up, and the build up to Q4 looks like it is gaining pace. Our Design studio is busy, which is a good sign for later production work.

Look out for us on Channel 4 – due to air in May, Impulse were asked to produce some components for a Delorean, and were filmed doing the job – we’ll no doubt be tweeting etc when it finally airs. Click here!

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