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The Store of the future: With the High street being in such a period of change – the need to attract shopper footfall is paramount.

An opinion well supported, is that the easiest way to introduce new brands quickly is via the “Pop-Up” store. This has been particularly successful in Covent Garden, where there is a mechanism to hire quality space, short-term.

Examples of this including Disney, Martini and Swoon. Impulse has been pleased to have worked on various schemes including, recently,  the 2018 Swoon project, and have enjoyed the fast turnaround process enabling this brand to quickly get retail space on a temporary basis.

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Another example we have seen in London, is the cleverly located Nespresso store, in London Bridge Station, attracting new client sign-ups over a free cup of coffee.

Whilst visiting LA we experienced the Pop-up launch of Kylie Jenner make-up range, which was a slick operation all revolving around a small temporary unit in the Westfield Shopping Mall – there were hour-long queues to enter, and evidence of great organisation, plus the general hype around one of the biggest brands today.

We believe that Pop-up is a crucial exercise in rejuvenating the high street. Whilst different channels compete for consumers time and attention, Retail has to evolve to attract new interest. This is pushing us more into being an “event” supplier, where the infrastructure in more temporary. Our CAD developers spend more time designing around a temporary architecture, which draws on our long established experience in Retail Design.

The advantages of Pop-up include:

  • You can experiment with finishes and materials, as these are a one-off, and not planned investment on multiple sites
  • A great opportunity for new brands to showcase in high footfall areas
  • ROI analysis is quick and easy
  • Ability to change and tweak the setup quickly
  • Build up support quickly via social media campaigns to create awareness
  • Immediately accessible, and able to offer deals to ensure impulse purchases.

All this aside – its not a new idea, but it is a working model for an ailing High Street. Supplier partnerships are crucial. Brands need to connect with specialists in development and installation, and there needs to be a strong conduit between the Brand and the execution. At Impulse, we are experienced in converting the brief into a working solution, and if required will offer the service Design – Develop – Installation.

Please contact ImpulsePOP to arrange a way of helping you achieve your goals.