The Holidays Are Coming

The festive season is finally here, and with it, perhaps the single most crucial period of the year for retail. Early estimates suggest the UK could be about to spend over £25 billion this December, so it’s crucial for retail businesses to start planning how they can claim a sizable chunk of this remarkable expenditure. 

From our perspective, we have managed to help loads of businesses over the years promote their range of products with effective point of purchase displays. So, getting involved with Christmas and taking a close look at some of the big trends which have shaped retail is something we have decided to focus on here.

The Rise of Xmas Markets

Back in 2019, we discovered how Christmas markets are starting to become increasingly more popular within the UK. They’re hugely traditional in countries like Germany and Austria, with the earliest recorded taking place in the 13th century. Since then, they have established themselves as a firm part of the run-up to Christmas on these shores, providing people with a lively atmosphere to try new foods, discover gifts and just generally have a good time. 

With this new trend really starting to take shape, our team is always ready to help create bespoke displays for anyone who wants to promote their goods to the general public at such events. This will give your brand so much more professionalism and grab people’s attention in what is likely to be a densely filled environment with loads of competing businesses.  

Our previous work includes the creation of contemporary permanent signage for a street vendor called Bleeker Street to help promote themselves in London. They bring authentic New York styled burgers and sides to the UK. We created the signage using a mild steel frame and individual letters for their branding, helping them stand out from the crowd on the bustling London streets. 

The Importance of Window Displays 

Believe it or not, people are still going to be venturing out to shopping centres to seek out Christmas presents. So, how do you grab their attention? Well, you need strong and compelling window displays planned and executed to perfection. In fact, the numbers don’t lie! We previously learned from, that carefully created window shop displays can actually increase sales by 540%. 

The size of the store is often irrelevant, and that’s because a small sized business could still achieve higher revenue compared to larger outfits simply by having a striking window display. So long as you’re grabbed people’s attention, you’ve then created ample opportunities to sell products throughout this crucial time of year. Some notable brands to really excel in this regard would be John Lewis and Selfridges, both of which use their window displays to create a story around Christmas with appropriate use of props and colouring. 

How Physical Retail Has Changed Over The Years 

So far, we’ve explained how seasonal campaigns for specific products are vital, but is that still the case in the present day? Online shopping is now huge, and let’s be honest, this has continuously wrestled away customers from the highstreets in quite a big way. Business owners are now having to rethink their strategies over Christmas, and that’s because even though products provided by businesses such as Dare2B are perhaps more appropriate in the summer, lots of people will still make a purchase if they can discover these quickly along with an attractive price. It now seems as if customers aren’t as bothered about what time of year they spend out on certain items.

Do you think seasonal promotions are still important? And, do you have a major Xmas campaign lined up? We would love to hear from you! We design and create bespoke store displays, giving you the platform to promote your business with style and purpose. For more information, get in contact with our team today.


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