Producing Excellence in Retail!

#1 Sustainable Materials

We are past the point of just talking about this. Impulse have experienced a marked reduction in the use of Acrylic and plastics in display. The more desirable materials are now metal and wood, offering longevity in store,  and lower carbon footprint through the unit’s lifecycle.

#2 Pop-up Stores

Act as a canvas for retailers to test out new types of products, tech, services, brand campaigns and store layouts

Brands can target high footfall locations for short periods of time to maximise return on investment.

#3 Experiential Retail

A wide subject – but is now much more important to capture the shopper’s attention. Its all about engagement which is creating an atmosphere that inspires a purchase. This can be via a product demonstration, or something as simple as offering the shopper a cup of coffee whilst browsing, or offer QR code to give more in-depth product info which can then be viewed later.

#4 Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

These technologies help the shopper to view and try products on their devices before making decisions to buy. AR and VR can bring real customer experience especially for online retailers who are selling home decors, furniture, clothes, cosmetics etc.

#5 Social Commerce

Social commerce, or social shopping, is the inevitable meeting point of social media and commerce. Consumers are heavily influenced by social media in making purchase decisions, but they have been slowly taking to social shopping. 

For example, some may talk with a friend on Facebook about an item, and then buy it on Amazon. Social media and commerce used to be seen as separate activities. But things have changed now, with as many as 30% of consumers now saying they’d make a purchase on major social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook. One of the first and most popular ways to turn social media into a sales channel is the “Buy now” button that now can be commonly seen on big social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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