How is Retail Currently Shaped?

In recent years, we have seen an influx of innovation for the retail industry. A lot of this would have first been implemented before the Pandemic, but now that high streets are alive and kicking again, it’s likely you’ll be confronted by new concepts you may have never seen before. Here, we have taken a look at some of the biggest trends to surface in the last few years and the sort of impact they have already made.

Retail is Going Green

The world in general has become a lot of eco-conscious, and that certainly incudes point of purchase designers such as ourselves. We’ve overseen massive reductions in the use of acrylic and plastic for the displays we create. So expect our current solutions to be made from things like metal or wood, since they offer great longevity in-store, and help us lower our carbon footprint

Green retail

Pop-Up Stores

pop up store

This gives your brand temporary exposure to the bustling nature of high streets. The installation of pop-up shops will help you engage with the general public in short bursts, and in that time, learn more about your ideal target audience and how they respond to certain displays. It’s common for testing facilities to become a feature as this gives people the opportunity to interact with your offerings.

Inspire Your Customers

One of the biggest considerations when creating a shop display is how to effectively capture people’s attention. To truly enforce this, you need to think about inspiring people with an atmosphere that creases a real buzz around making a purchase. Simply giving people the opportunity to interact with your products or integrating a QR code which links to further information can help elevate your brand over key competitors in-store. 

QR code on clothes

Even though online shopping is useful for busy schedules, there have been many leading retailers who have focussed more on experience, such as John Lewis, who in recent years, introduced a wider range of services in their shops to create a more memorable occasion for customers. Another great example would be Vans, who opened a custom BMX and skate park at the bottom of their flagship store.

Utilising Augmented Reality 

There’s still a sizeable number of people who still prefer the online shopping experience, not only because of the Pandemic, but also the convenience this can provide. Such ease has only been amplified in recent years through the rise of augmented reality, which gives customers the opportunity to interact with your brand from the comfort of their own home. By developing a mobile home app, certain products can be brought to life instantly, so a really powerful way to generate transparency around what you offer.

Augmented reality

Social Commerce

social commerce

Social media is still a hugely important phenomenon for many walks of life. Within retail, this has helped give birth to social commerce, which relates to people who see content found on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as leading reasons to make purchases from certain brands. Discussions which take place on these platforms along with endorsements made by celebrities with large followings, can both generate a greater desire to choose your products over someone else’s.

Homes on The High Street

We hate seeing the high street depleted, but when this does happen, it’s great to see unused shops now being converted into homes. We’re all familiar with flats and apartments being positioned above shops, but by utilising the entire building, we’ll be able to enjoy re-energised high streets across the entire country. 

fruit and vegetable market
fruit and vegetable market

Launch Your High Street Presence With Impulse POP

With the high street now back in full swing, it’s time to take advantage of physical retail once again. To get your brand in the heart of the action, get in contact with Impulse POP to learn about our range of shop display solutions we can create. 


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