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As a result of some new enquiries received this week in the Impulse offices, the Design and Engineering teams got involved in a debate about the changing face of trust in a brand and what it is that we are all looking for in 2019, specifically in our POS display design ideas and material construction that did not perhaps carry the same emphasis when various brands or products were originally launched in the 1960s and 1970s or even before.

The debate has made us look carefully again at our own company marketing messaging and particularly our website and social media programmes and that of so many of the really well-known brands that we are fortunate to be working with.

It has made us wonder what the material changes and key marketing messages will be to accompany brands in the next 50 years?

It can be very educational and sometimes mind-blowing or amusing to look at expressions and terminology in 2019 that accompany a lot of product and brand name marketing which simply did not exist or, if they did, they were not on the radar of the CMO’s and their teams at the outset but are now deemed as critical to the brand success.

Some staple expressions have been recognised by all of us for decades in the marketing team such as;

Brand trust is a valuable intangible asset

The brand must be reliable, responsible and deliver on its promise

Brand ethics must be honest and transparent

Brand marketing must reflect the brands’ values

Brand purchases can be made on both emotional and rational decision making

We are not disputing that any of these statements still ring true….

……BUT as we continue to move quickly and effectively into the 21st Century, we have come across some expressions that we believe would definitely not have been used 40 or 50 years ago in the design of a clients’ POS display!

Consumer Use Technology is influencing our way of Buying Brands

– Messaging Apps and Social media are replacing emails and phone calls

– More buying needs are met by mobiles than any other media channel

– 84% of Centennials expect a Brand to have a stance on social issues

– Environment and Sustainability are key to purchase decisions

– 53% of people in a recent study stated that they believe Brands can do more to solve social ills than Government?!

– Siri and Alexa can help us with home purchase buying decisions!

The serious actions for us at Impulse after this week’s debate are:

– Review our own marketing plans and make sure that we are regularly sending the correct message to our clients and suppliers

– Review our clients marketing messages and ensure that all of our design display work is reflecting the clients brand values


With work recently undertaken for brands with strong ethical and clearly stated brand values, such as Nike, Haribo, Hoover and Canna, we wonder what new and engaging marketing values and messages will be used in 2069 and beyond……………

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