The Importance of Branding

Your branding will soon become the key driving force behind people’s trust in your key products and services. Even when you’ve established your core identity, it’s also important to keep up to speed with current trends, otherwise your business will appear sterile in what’s an ever changing industry. So, what makes a strong brand? Let’s take a look. 


One of the defining features will need to be trust, and a great way to encompass this into your branding would be adding some personality. This helps drive a meaningful connection with your desired target audience, as you can start using terminology and incorporate visuals they’re likely to warm towards. Bring out your own preferences also, since this will give off lots of transparency on the high street.


You need to standout to make an impact. Take inspiration from others, but never follow suit, as you’ll become just another brand people have seen time and time again. Pick something which is fresh and dynamic, placing this at the very heart of your shop displays. Also think about why your products or services are different to really nudge people into making a purchase from you.

2M Inflatable Promotion Display


We live in a visual world, so make this a focus when crafting your next displays. Every single facet, whether that be the colour scheme or logo will need to be designed with one very simple focus, and that’s to make a positive imprint on people’s minds. It’s tempting to go wild with striking visuals, but consistency is key, so try being conservative about the palette you’re using.

It’s All In The Name

The above is important, but in reality, only one thing really stands out when creating a brand, and that would be the name. Below, we have explained some of the key considerations when picking something suitable.

Make Necessary Changes 

Have you ever heard the names Marathon, Opal Fruits or Norwich Union? Well, a certain generation might, however for the younger demographic, these were the original names for Snickers, Starburst and Aviva. Why is this significant? Well, these brands felt a name change was in order to both globalise and standardise their image. 

snickers, HSBC, starburst

Be Careful With Translations

What sounds competent in your own country, may translate poorly elsewhere, and to the detriment of what you’re trying to convey within your brand. For example, Parker Pen uses the slogan “A product that does not leak in your pocket and embarrass you”, whereas in Spanish, this translates to “A product that does not leak in your pocket and make you pregnant”.

Parker logo

Trends Which Have Stuck

Below are some facts and figures we discovered back in 2019. It’s interesting how many of these are still hugely prevalent today. 

  • More buying needs are met by mobiles than any other media channel.
  • 84% of Gen Z expect a brand to have a stance on social issues.
  • Environment and sustainability are key to purchase decisions.
  • 53% of people stated that they believe brands can do more to solve social problems than the government.

Create Formidable Branding With Impulse POP 

Start developing your brand presence on the high street today. Get in contact with our expert team to discover how we design and execute quality solutions for anyone looking to harness the power of retail. 


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