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The UK Food & Confectionery Industry


The UK Food & Confectionery Industry Overview by ImpulsePOP. With forecast growth through to 2022 estimated at 15% based on a current total UK food and grocery market worth over £184 Billion and a chocolate and confectionery market within this of £4billion, the requirement for innovative, thought-provoking and attractive point of sale displays has never been more relevant.

At Impulse we work consistently in the food, snacks and confectionery market with some great brand names including Thorntons’, Haribo and Nairns, whose case studies are highlighted within this report.

The retail marketplace continues to evolve and the sales breakdown across the different retail stores in 2017 shows where shoppers are now buying and where the brands and the retailers need to be investing in their in- store messaging.

Ambitious new store opening programmes, store formats and store investment are the key drivers behind the expected growth forecasts.

Retailers are looking to drive sales growth through the larger store format and convenience store programmes.


£86 Billion



£11.8 Billion

Other Retailers


£40 Billion

Convenience Stores


£10.4 Billion



£20.1 Billion

Discount Stores




£16.2 Billion


£184.5 Billion


The big store shopper experience investment




The big store shopper experience investment remains vital as the online channels continue to take market share and there is an ongoing need to develop consistent and regular new in-store display programmes for the retail marketplace.

At Impulse, we are involved in creating and making a wide range of innovative POS displays for use on the shelf and on a rack.

The display ideas are also developed to work on wall bays and gondola ends as well as freestanding displays.

Customers continue to look for new products and experiences as well as wanting to be reassured and comforted by some of their favourite more well – established brands.

At impulse we work closely with all of our clients to keep up with the market place changes to help us to create, develop and produce some fantastic eye- catching, vibrant, colourful and functional in- store merchandising and display programmes across this wide variety of new and established brands and retailers.

The UK retail pace of change remains fast and frenetic and it presents some big challenges and opportunities and so many of our clients know that the experience that we can bring to them is crucial when it comes to the creation and development of their POS display ideas.

Product quality is important and at Impulse we always look to create POS displays to a high quality standard with a sustainable capability.

With such a variety of shopper channels available in the food and confectionery market place, the adaptability of the POS display work is essential.

Material selection is really important and having the Impulse UK based manufacturing site in the same building as our design and engineering teams enables us to be as flexible as the client needs us to be in terms of the metal, wood, plastic or card material selection right up to the final manufacturing execution.

The major market place employers are Mars, Nestle, Mondelez (Cadbury) with other well – known manufacturing and retail operations throughout the UK.

There are over 19000 employees working in more than 400 businesses in the industry sector.

The need for adaptable and impactful POS displays on counter, on shelf and freestanding across all of the distribution channels available means that the initial design process is critically important.

At Impulse we have many years of experience in POS and shopper requirements and believe that engaging openly and positively with our clients from the earliest stages of the project is the key to success.

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Call Impulse and speak with their highly skilled and knowledgeable UK based design and engineering teams to develop your in-store merchandising programmes and unlock your brand potential.

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation teams based at our factory in Sandy.

Over 50 years experience in POS and merchandising in Impulse’s team.

Supermarket and specialist retail sector needs are all understood at Impulse.


Metal, plastic, wood, card for temporary and permanent display needs.

To illustrate how we have developed some of our clients POS projects in recent times, please find below details of some of our work:

THORNTONS introduced the shop display system illustrated here into over 30 of their stores in the UK to provide distinct product categorisation in a bid to grow their market share.

We were informed by the client, that Impulse won this design, development, manufacture and installation project with our ability to hit the brief in both design and implementation terms.

These robust and attractive units incorporating petg shelving, metal fixturing and acrylic mid- display components and colourful branded graphics were really well received by Retailers and Customers alike.

Bobble Water cardboard display

Bobble Water branded displays stands. These Bobble Water branded display stands were supplied flat pack to store, this cardboard display is sturdy and utilises plastic eurohooks which hook into the back of the display.

HARIBO have been making sweets that are sold all over the world since 1920.

They are recognised as manufacturers of some of the best known confectionery products in the world.

In the UK, Haribo had a need for 860 freestanding displays for placement in Poundland to support their Autumn 2017 sales campaign.

Working closely with the client, various ideas were developed and presented. The final design solution, shown here, was a colourful metal framed unit with hooks for hanging the product bags, to which there are attached Haribo branded foamex side wings and an interactive spinner product selection wheel to capture fullest customer engagement at the point of purchase.

NAIRNS oatcakes are healthy, wholesome and tasty with natural qualities.

With the introduction of a new range of snack products in 2017, Nairns needed a new counter unit display for their various store tests.

Due to the extensive range of award winning products available from Nairns, the counter display needed to be able to accomodate and show a selection of product facings to maximum effect.

The challenge of this particular project was that it also included the requirement that the units would have to be trialled across several different store and outdoor environments such as healthfood stores and music festivals.

The units were constructed in high quality mesh with 4 colour printed foamex  side  and an easily updatable, impactful  printed card headerboard