Vaping: The new craze that looks like its here to stay!

Much to the surprise of many – Vaping has become a massive phenomenon, with over 3.6m Brits enjoying it now.

At Impulse we have become specialists in the science of displaying Vape products. What we have realised, is that this is more of a serious hobby to some, and we therefore have to be more sympathetic to the needs and education around the point of sale, in store.

VAPE infographic

Display solutions are quite varied, as retailers have different needs.

The standard counter units are built from acrylic or PETG, and are the starter unit for most brands.

Impulse will produce bespoke solutions, size and application dependant on range that needs.

Ibiza Vape FS manufactured
Ibiza Vape FS manufactured
Ibiza Vape FS manufactured

Projects we have worked on, include metal free-standing displays for forecourts.

As the sector develops, we are finding that the standard Vape Displays are not now the most popular. These products are not restricted by Gantry laws (i.e don’t need to be hidden from public view), so this means that we can apply good creative visual to larger units, and facilitates easy education, as product lines increase.

Impulse have found that the specialist knowledge in point of sale, and Retail interiors, has converted well to the Vaping sector.

woman vaping in red smokes

The latest excitement is the CBD (cannabis derivative) market, where the medical and social advantages of the product in a legally acceptable environment can be enjoyed now. The product is modified, so no “high” is achieved but the other benefits are there.

So if your requirement is more involved, we can assist with visual representation through to building and installing in the retail environment. Gantry style units to simple counter display units for smaller ranges, with informative educational graphics, will enhance your brand, and increase sales.


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