Our Handy Approach To DIY

Did you know? This country is totally obsessed with DIY and home improvements! What’s more, this industry happens to be something of a rarity, since this hasn’t been totally blighted by the rise of online retail. It’s not hard to see why! Being able to hold tangible products will provide much greater clarity about which are best suited to perform certain tasks needed for a brand new home layout.

Lots of people have also turned their attention to home improvements throughout the pandemic, but when large-scale extensions or renovations are outside someone’s budget, it’s often good old DIY which does the trick. For this reason, we have been huge advocates for DIY, and in fact, we have helped a number of major brands promote their products with compelling point of purchase display solutions. 

Some of our finest shelf and counter displays have been created specifically for the DIY industry. Such displays have made it really simple for DIY enthusiasts to get what they need, ready to feel the self-satisfaction that comes from a job well done! 

Which DIY Brands Have We Worked With?


Sugru was originally a crowd-funded venture before their acquisition by Tesa. They produce a product not too dissimilar to Blue-Tack, offering great hardening qualities which will securely remedy even the most challenging jobs.


Over 750 displays were produced by Impulse for Dulux back in 2016, helping this giant of the paint industry market their ‘Travel in Colour’ range. Working with household names such as Dulux is a huge honour, and we’re delighted this partnership still remains strong in the present day.


Since 1921, Rust-Oleum has been manufacturing a wide range of paints and coating for both residential and commercial projects. Together with a sister company Cirka Creative, we have managed to build a smart 360 permanent FSDU. Each unit rotates on a slimline lazy sue bearing, and the strongest feature was how it imitated the product.

Flymo Robotic Mower

For more than 55 years, the Flymo brand has been the leader for manufacturing affordable garden care products, striving for brand new innovation every single day. We helped the Flymo brand get their innovation into B&Q stores, ready to be placed right in front of the very people typically interested in such products.

The American Approach To Home Improvements

Our international reach was called upon back in 2013, where we started our working relationship alongside US decking manufacturer, Trex. We were selected to help manufacture product demo displays for their decking to help kick-start start their promotions across the UK. 

Their product matches with our own eco-minded approach, since everything they supply is made from 100% recycled wood and plastic. Trex has played a huge role in the fight against climate change, keeping more than 272,155 metric tonnes of plastic and wood from landfills every year. 

To match with the recycling ethos established by Trex, we made sure the point of sale displays we supplied were manufactured from 100% recyclable materials, with both steel and cardboard being predominantly used for packaging. 

Launch Your DIY Marketing Campaign With Impulse

As we’ve mentioned, DIY is still an industry which does exceptionally well with physical retail. If you’re thinking about launching a brand new campaign throughout 2022, be sure to get in contact with a member of our team today. We have become specialists for the manufacture of a wide variety of displays, which includes counter, gondola, wall bays and FSDU design. Simply tell us what you want – and we’ll make it! 


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