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According to reports published by the CBI recently, we are a Nation of DIYers. The DIY market remains the most significant retail growth sector in the UK outside of online purchasing.

It is suggested that the current financial pressures and household income challenges for so many people have turned us into a Nation of DIYers. There is a wonderful feeling for the many who can turn their hand to DIY with great success and feelings of self- satisfaction at a job well done- but what about the rest of us for whom the expressions bodge! injuries! and unfinished! dictate our DIY efforts??

Here at Impulse POP, we have been working successfully for the past 10 years in the design and development of in-store FSDU’s, counter and on shelf displays for some of the best-known brands in the DIY market.

So in this weeks’ blog, we thought that we would take a look at some of the DIY brands, that could rightly claim to be introducing the feeling that bodged and unfinished DIY tasks are things of the past as they have introduced us to a stress – free feeling in the world of DIY.


What a brilliant and innovative solution to a glue-free environment where mess and poor adhesion is a thing of the past! – Impulse POP has just completed some new on shelf clip – strip POS items for the Velcro brand.


Sugru parasite display

To best explain the stress- free qualities of Sugru, think of Blu-Tack but with a hardening quality which will securely mend those ‘difficult to get to’ jobs!
Impulse produced some Stanchion Parasite Sugru POS displays for B&Q stores- Sales have been fantastic!
Sugru, this originally crowd-funded venture has just been bought by Tesa (a large adhesives business) – another British success story.

Flymo Robotic Mower

Time for some YOU time….! is the phrase that captures the advantages of not having to push or pull that lawnmower around the garden in the sweltering heat of Summer 2018- a great, stress-free relaxing way to mow your lawn!

Impulse produced a family of displays for this product The largest free-standing display provided a demonstration area in store of 3m x 3m showing how the mower works and interacts with obstacles.

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