Wearable Technology

With the incredible advances in software programmes and cellular connectivity technology, wearable and hearable technology is offering life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities for everyone, regardless of age and ability.

Some of the professions and industry sectors that are making these wearable technology advances so life-enhancing and life-changing include hospitals, doctors, healthcare, wellbeing, airline and travel companies as well as sports and leisure based activity organisations.

Discussions being held by all age groups from the under 10s to the over 60s now frequently include a measurement of the number of steps, the number of kilometres and floor levels they have completed in a day as well as a chat about the latest download or app launch for the latest film releases and travel updates- all being done with a quick glimpse at their watches or a simple discrete listen for a short while to their earphones

smart watches

Fitness Trackers

According to a 2015 study, people who use exercise apps are more likely to work out in their spare time, compared to those who don’t use them.

Strava, Garmin Fit, My Fitness Pal and FitBit to name but a few; many of us can relate and are connected to one of these apps through a tracker which in turn are following friends who workout too.

Fitness apps can be such a great tool. When used frequently, it can feel as though you are training with others and you’re not on your journey alone; comparing data, who can run the fastest 10k, who has biked the most miles during the week, always wanting to do better than the day before; the banter between friends can be great motivation.

Fitness tracker

Wearable Technology Stats

Numbers are incredible in terms of recent and projected growth figures in this truly exciting and fast moving market area.

The number of connected wearable devices worldwide more than doubled in the space of three years, increasing from 325 million in 2016 to 722 million in 2019. The number of devices is forecast to reach more than one billion by 2022.

The smartwatch product category is forecast to show the most growth amongst wrist-worn wearables from 2019 to 2023, projected to increase from 66.5 million units in 2019 to 105.3 million units in 2023.

One of the reasons for the growth of the wearables market is the rise in popularity of hearable devices. This category is expected to soar over the next few years with shipments of devices forecast to increase by 45 percent to 105 million units by 2023.

Impulse Fitness Displays

We love working with new technology and new ideas and Impulse has produced various displays within the fitness sector which you may see when you are out and about, such as Jaybird fitness accessories, Sixpad body sculpting or Dare2B Trainer Podium.

A Key Feature of Any Successful Display

Whether it be Countertop or Freestanding display, it is the ability to disrupt the shopper journey, attracting attention, either visually or via other “connected” channels. We must consider accessibility of products, and this is demonstrated when it comes to wanting to be able to “touch and feel” products, rather than the previously preferred design where products would have been held captive behind an acrylic shroud. Security is an important consideration, making this method not only dated, but a backward approach for a connected generation!

Wireless Hi-Fi Products

Continuing a theme of a connected world, it is important that Retailers and Brands embrace this technology and evolve their Retail strategy to suit.

Impulse have recognized this is shaping the future of in-store displays and have been researching this on the high street whilst working on the latest creative pitch for Logitech. The focus of this project was about engaging the consumer to a new suite of wireless hi-fi products.

Logitech wireless speakers

Like it or not, it is as important to be connected both physically and virtually in order to function efficiently in today’s retail environment.

We love working with new technology and new ideas when we are looking at our clients’ expectations in-store and when you have great clients already working in this new market sector such as Nike, EXOGLO, D3O, Ray- Ban, SIXPAD, Gore-Tex, Raymarine, IFrogz and Invisible Shield from Zagg and many others, the excitement just keeps growing just like the wearable technology market!

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