What Are POS Displays?

It’s great to see the high street alive and kicking once again. Lots of us have become well accustomed to the convenience around online shopping, but this still fails to match physical shopping experiences for a number of reasons. Not only will you benefit from handling tangible products, but the lively atmospheres are a great way to dishevel lots of isolation problems we have all faced over the past two years. 

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So, do you run a business and want to take full advantage of this triumphant return? Then you need to consider how to best market your products within the physical realm. This means POS displays, and with so many different options available, we have broken down their advantages and closely analysed whether they would be best suited to your specific requirements.  

Why Are Point of Purchase Displays Effective?

They simply exist to grab people’s attention. The world is now incredibly visual, so only eye popping concepts are going to have the desired effect, and that’s where POS displays come into play, since they offer brands effective prominence in store. They provide a professional appearance for your business and a greater sense of both trust and credibility. 

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Well-designed displays also provide more information about products, and with so much innovation now available, many businesses have managed to incorporate a more interactive edge to their store presence. This helps keep customers engaged with your brand, giving them even more reasons to develop a long and meaningful attachment to your offerings. 

What are The Different Types of POP Displays?

Knowing which displays are best for your brand is a tricky thing to consider, but fear not, as highly experienced retail specialists, we have broken down some of the most common options and highlighted what they bring to the table.

Counter Display

There’s no better time to prompt an impulse purchase than the moment customers start queuing. With clear and well-built counter displays in place, you have created the prime opportunity to encourage that little extra spending, and that’s especially great for companies offering everyday goods which are small and simple to grab instinctively. Just be careful of HFSS regulations which come into force this April, since these guidelines stipulate that things like confectionery cannot be marketed in such ways in order to help remedy the increasing obesity issues we have across the UK.

TOTT Counter Top
Cranberry Counter Top


This is a freestanding display, and as the name suggests, you get lots of flexibility in terms of placement. You can be strategic about your position within stores, and should you fail to make an impact, you have the scope to make changes. Some of the best places would be at the end of an aisle or right at the front of the store. 

ANP free standing display skincare nutrition
BM cd entertainment fsdu display

Wall Bay

Do you want to display a wide selection of products? Then consider wall bays, since they provide a neat and purposeful looking solution. Many paint brands have used these to great effect, giving customers quick and easy access to their range. 

Customers can seamlessly browse through the many options, leading them to either try samples or even make an outright purchase. They can also be visually opulent with bright colours often creating a prominent focal feature for stores which are otherwise filled with far less engaging products. 

Beauty Uk Promotional Wall Bay

If you need a helping hand getting your brand in pole position within the world of physical retail, be sure to contact our team today and learn more about our range of services. 


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