What is Retail Therapy?

Finding ways to feel happier and slightly more content is a key focus for many, and for some, this will often be achieved through lavish high street spends. The idea of retail therapy has proven hugely beneficial to businesses looking to take advantage of people’s impulsive behaviour in-store, which is precisely why crafting shop displays which prove psychologically enticing has become so incredibly important. 

What are The Benefits of Retail Therapy?

Feel Good Factor 

It’s been a rough two years for us all, but one thing which has remained a firm ally has been retail. Through online shopping, people have been able to fork out their money on lots of glorious items, and by doing so, gained a greater sense of positivity, although this will often be in short bursts, most notably the first few minutes after they’ve made a purchase. 

man shopping watches

Now, with the high street back in full swing, consumers can generate these short thrilling bursts alongside the bustling atmosphere you typically experience with physical retail, serving up the perfect remedy for those who really struggle with their day-to-day lives. 

Sense of Control 

There have been studies which explain how the idea of making purchases can in fact restore our sense of control. We typically feel most anxious when we experience situations where we cannot dictate what’s happening, which is why shopping proves to be a great tonic, since you control the outlets you visit and then decide which items you would like to buy. 

Dopamine Release 

What’s great about retail therapy is you don’t even need to make purchases to gain the feel good factor. That’s because studies suggest how dopamine is released even when simply browsing items, but of course, making a purchase will drive this to loftier heights, handing you the ultimate release. 

woman shopping

So, what’s dopamine? It’s a neuromodulatory molecule which controls lots of important bodily functions, which means the higher your count, the more pleasurable your life becomes.  

Is Retail Therapy Harmful?

Although it’s rather exciting being able to spend money on lots of wonderful things, the concept of retail therapy does of course come with a downside. People can become addicted to spending on the high street, and by doing so, this could inflict serious financial issues. Spending money on things like clothes, electronics or confectionery should be considered a real treat, so try and keep it this way. 

How To Harness Retail Therapy 

If you’re a retail business, knowing there’s tons of people who simply buy things for the thrill is likely to be cause for celebration. Your biggest concern then would be how to design and implement effective shop displays that trigger these traits. Below are some really simple considerations to make. 

Position is Key 

First and foremost, every store has particular hotspots where customers are most likely to pay attention. This may require some trial and error, so consider FSDU displays, which can be moved around the store until you’ve found the perfect location that encourages impulse buying. 

retail display

Be Loud 

Really dazzle customers when they see your display with striking visuals, alongside innovative features which encourage interactivity. Retail therapy is about improving someone’s mood, so these individuals are looking for brands who know how to have a good time. 

Start Growing Through Physical Retail 

Physical retail is Retail therapy is often in full force within physical stores. To capture this, look for ways to amplify the experience people expect to receive when journeying through the high street, whether that be the leisurely activity of visiting coffee shops, or simply being around other people in a social sense. To ensure you have a prominent in-store presence that harnesses the power of retail therapy, get in contact with our team today.


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