Which Displays are currently working well

Which Displays are currently working well? 

In considering this question, I first need to establish what makes a display work well.  When we sit down at the start of a creative brief, we look for the following criteria:

Creating something true to the brand
Providing enough disruption in store to make the shopper stop and look
Demonstrate relevant call to action on the unit
Educate the shopper quickly and simply
Return on Investment

We carried out a research piece ahead of a creative pitch for Logitech (consumer electronics brand), and spent time at Westfield and Oxford St, London. It was good to see some innovative solutions as follows:

Vans Store window

Vans Store window

This shop window created a “mood board POS” principle, giving style suggestions to its product, and also providing a bit of sensory theatre to a normally bland window area.

The area is well lit, and given the size will be good Value for money, as it looked like the product and imagery could be changed, increasing the life of the unit.


We’re loving the evolution of this brand – Wearable tech is revolutionising the electronics sector, and impacting healthcare and diagnosis in ways that most cannot believe (we will be writing more on this in future blogs). Fitbit is embracing this, and investing well in Freestanding Display’s and also Gondola style displays which allow you to choose the right model to suit your needs, a type of visual “catalogue” with the product rather than images. There is tech included in the units, lovely form and impact from LED lighting and screens playing high definition lifestyle content. The Freestanding Podium style unit we saw in Selfridges oozed tech and used premium materials in the fabrication such as brushed aluminium, stand out lasered lettering, backlit via LED. This unit is definitely targeted towards quality footfall rather than quantity.

Whilst considering the shortlist, we had to include a couple of our own recent projects:


Dare2B display

Our client wanted some concrete podiums for showing a single shoe, but budget restricted us using that material, so we created these units by fabricating in MDF, then printed DTM (Direct to media) the concrete finish with an acrylic rebated band to set it off. The display meets the brief, is cost-effective, and provides a great product platform.

McCulloch’s (Husqvarna)

Husqvarna display

Finally, our sister company Cirka Creative were engaged by McCullochs to design a suite of displays for a new range of battery and robot Garden tool products. (Click earlier blogs  Flymo Robotic Mower and McCulloch’s Garden Tools FSDU).   

One of these Mid floor displays was for the Flymo brand, showcasing their Robot mower offer in B&Q. With the unit being of high value, the brief was to demo a unit above a lockable cabinet holding up to 2 more units for sale. Stand out POS was required to educate the shopper on this new product, whilst providing live product to view.

The unit had to conform to strict B&Q store guidelines, and be easily positioned in their store to hit the spring peak shopping period.

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