It’s Time To Re-think… Which Stores Will benefit your brand the most?

In light of the recent difficulties faced by high street giants like Debenhams and House of Fraser, British consumers have been revealed to be three times more likely to shop more with independent stores than large department shops over the next five years, according to findings from marketing automation suite.

So maybe brands that sell more by way of footfall rather than a considered purchase need to rethink their selling strategies. More independent stores and smaller outlets seem to now be displaying a wider range of products within sectors that they have not dabbled in before. It’s apparent in the sports sector.

sports store

Typically if you were buying a sports accessory you would think of a sports store like Decathlon, Sports Direct or possibly Halfords to name but a few. These stores are still mainly considered for the larger purchases, like a bike or maybe a wetsuit, but is it right to also think this is where consumers still flock to buy the smaller related purchase? We are all aware of how Aldi and Lidl have random central selling spaces for the most surprising of products, however it’s becoming more of a ‘norm’ and obviously depending on the season the central aisle rotates seasonal stock accordingly. The stores are known to do this and customers are able to anticipate according to season, so the store’s model seems to have worked well, it doesn’t seem silly to buy cycling equipment at Lidl now, it is widely accepted.

Temporary end of aisle cardboard FSDU’s produced for recognised brands, are sited alongside the stores own brands, which in turn builds the sector. I’ve seen this noticeably alongside the cycling apparel. SIS is used by many cyclists to power before or after their ride and the energy gels are bought by many, so it seems a ‘no brainer’ to site known accessory products next to the stores own brand apparel in the likes of Lidl or Aldi who are known for the lower end of cycling kit. The perfect place for an impulse purchase.

There seems to be a growing market to purchase sports accessories in a local smaller store rather than an independent trip out to a specialised sports store. More and more people are purchasing sports energy drinks or gels or maybe running ear buds with their weekly shop, so the weekend lifestyle is incorporated into the weekly budget.

Maybe it’s time to consider hero-ing the smaller sports purchases like food / beverages / inner tubes / running bottles and earbuds in the every-day stores with a smaller on shelf display rather than siting the products in a large permanent display (next to the larger considered purchases like a bike). The footfall is always going to be greater in a food store so to ensure your brand is noticed for an impulse purchase maybe a new way of thinking is needed and a temporary card display, on shelf display or maybe a wall sited display could be relevant to gain maximum exposure, in forgotten areas and more unlikely stores where floor space is minimal.

MTB Race tour display

Impulse have produced sports accessory displays which are space efficient, why not see what we could do for your brand now consumers are changing habits at a fast pace…

phone accesories display
luxe air headphones
Siskin FSDU


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