Why is The High Street Important?

The high street is a quintessential part of any town or city across the United Kingdom, often seen as the focal point for meet-ups, days out and of course lots of lavish spending. After being confined within our homes for so long these past few years, many of us have become accustomed to the benefits of online retail, and with it, probably forgotten how physical shopping is still far superior in many ways. So, we’re here to celebrate British high streets and explain how they far outweigh online alternatives. 

Try Before You Buy 

If you buy something online, you probably know what you want, it’s just a case of finding the most competitive price. This may suit certain items, but in the case of clothing or furniture, being able to feel a tangible product before purchasing is far more important. Not being afforded this luxury could see you wasting lots of time sending packages back and forth until you get the right product, but with physical retail, the trial and error stage is all done there and then.

checking furniture in store

It’s an Experience

Shopping online is convenient, but not really an experience you cherish. Physical retail is something people remember for a long time, especially if you’re lucky enough to venture out into Times Square in New York or Shaftesbury Avenue in London. They’re both days out you’ll never forget, because they’re an experience, where you benefit from a lively atmosphere you don’t get staring at your computer screen. Many shops go full throttle with the whole customer experience thing, with places like Hamleys often demonstrating products and letting people take part. 


If you’re looking to purchase products you have very little knowledge of, namely things like smart phones or televisions, you may benefit from having expert opinions to help guide you towards the most suitable option. Websites do have chatbots, but they can’t provide the same bespoke advice shop assistants will be able to supply, the likes of which always come with a human touch. Any support will also be tailored towards your specific needs, whether you need substantial assistance or just a little nudge in the right direction. 

mobile phones at the electronics store

Why is Shopping Locally Important?

Taking things even more granular, and shopping within local high streets should also be considered over the next few months. Not only will this keep your community strong, but there are loads of economic factors which come into play. Here are some really simple reasons you should definitely consider shopping locally instead of online. 

Saving Jobs 

The pandemic has been brutal, with one of the biggest problems being the mass redundancies caused from several lockdowns since early 2020. It’s been pretty clear how the retail industry has been particularly hard hit, so consider how local shops need regular custom to counter the past few years and ensure they can retain staff, most of which are likely to be local residents. 

Strong Local Economy

Should all local communities across the country pull together and start supporting their high streets, these small contributions will add up to not only support localised economies, but also the current state of national finances. 

Support local business

Keep the Community Thriving 

A rundown high street without any signs of life is never good for morale. People want to feel like their town is alive with prospering businesses who can help create a more positive atmosphere. Should retail businesses experience a boom, this could prompt them to invest back into the community and help bolster other amenities currently in place. 

How Can We Help?

Do you want to use the power of physical retail in order to promote your products or services? Impulse POP has a wealth of experience for designing and creating the perfect retail point of purchase displays to ensure you’re given the best possible exposure in front of the right people. Below are some of the many in-store solutions we can help with. 

Counter Displays 

What better way to prompt impulse purchases than the very moment customers are actually paying for their goods. As highly experienced counter display manufacturers, we can get your brand right in the firing line when it really matters, giving you ample opportunity to grab people’s attention at the checkout. 

Cranberry Counter Top


An FSDU can be placed anywhere in-store, allowing you to think strategically about where this would have the most impact. 

BM cd entertainment fsdu display
Kent Stowe FSDU

Wall Bays

Use wall bays if you want your product to do the talking. These are great for paint tins or beauty products where there’s so many choices available. You’ll really be able to express the scope of your range. 

Beauty Uk Promotional Wall Bay
Potters Crouch Fragrance and Candle illuminated wall bay

If you would like more information about the range of services we have available, feel free to get in contact with us today. 


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