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Love Island has made an astonishing contribution to the online fast fashion industry, despite today’s tough retail conditions.

Food delivery platform Uber Eats, reportedly splashed out £5m to become Love Island’s sponsor, doubling the £2.25m deal struck between the ITV 2 show and previous headline sponsor Superdrug.

As Superdrug has stayed on as the sun cream sponsor, fast fashion retailer ISawItFirst, takes on the mantle of official fashion partner. And I can imagine their sales have increased massively…

Love Island drives consumers to the ISawItFirst website for fashion and it also has the ability to drive browsers from ISawItFirst, to watch Love Island. This same partnership has the same affect for all sponsors that have been involved.  

As well as having brands as their sponsors, Love Island themselves even have their own merchandise out e.g.:


  • Personalised Water Bottles – The Love Island water bottle has to be the most famous item of them all. What self-respecting Love Island fan doesn’t want one of these?
  • Phone cases – You can get your name splashed across a phone case. And many more personalised accessories!
  • Sunglasses – This year, you can get your hands on the Polaroid sunglasses worn by the contestants on the show.
  • Suitcases – New for 2019 is the wheeled suitcases, ideal if you’re jetting off to any fancy villas this summer.
  • Makeup – They have bought out a makeup range, including Lip-glosses/sticks, Eyeshadow palette, Bronzers etc.

The Love Island audience varies from teenagers all the way through to an older audience, therefore the audience captured has huge diversity which is making it a prime show for companies to want to sponsor.

On the other hand, Love Island could be a risk factor for brands with a possibility of leading to a negative impact for brands. For example: If a contestant gets themselves into serious circumstances, then it can damage the contestant’s career as well as the partnership/sponsored companies, as they’re associated with the show.

From watching the show, it’s become obvious other fashion retailers like PrettyLittleThing, Missguided, etc. (which are the previous year’s sponsors) both these companies awareness has been boosted by the show tenfold and now have the ability to advertise on the same time slot as the official sponsor companies, therefore bringing in the competition. It just goes to show how much power a marketing partnership can produce for either an existing brand or an up and coming brand.

Which concludes that using the right advertisement, improves sales performance.

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