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Dare2b is a brand recognised for high quality products designed and manufactured for fully effective performance in the winter sports, outdoor pursuits and cycling markets.

The product ranges are wide and varied and cover apparel, footwear, base layer clothing, fitness clothing and cycle wear.

For the Winter 2019 campaign, the Dare2b brand had a requirement  for a family of in- store displays to be distributed on a Pan- European basis to all major Sports retailers.

The requirement was for over 400 displays to be available across 7 different  in – store display items for the extensive range of products.

The Dare2b hexagonal perforated wire mesh motif is a significant element of recognition for the brand and needed to be incorporated within the family of displays.

In addition to the Dare2b and Craghoppers brand name, the parent company of Regatta also wanted  one of the gondola display stands to be brand flexible and capable of being used across all three brand names.

The seven display descriptions were developed as follows;

Gondola mid – floor display for Regatta, Craghoppers and Dare2b

Dare2B Unitary Gondola

Gondola mid- floor display exclusively for Dare2b

Dare2B Large Modular Gondola

Footwear Podium for Dare2b

trainer podium hex mesh

Footwear Stool with padded top for Dare2b

Dare2b footstool

3 x plinth displays for actual product and mannequin display in various sizes

Dare2b hex mesh plinth

Each display is flat – packed with easy to assemble in- store instructions to minimise shipment costs.


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