Producing Excellence in Retail!

World’s best displays: POP displays are a powerful tool. In order to be effective, a POP display can attract attention and be entertaining, stand out, and lead to new successful purchases.

As believers in producing excellence in retail, we looked out at the global industry to find POP displays that do just that. Here are five creative bursts of amazing POP displays we’ve found!

Miu Miu – Hong Kong, China

There’s nothing quite like size to attract immediate attention! In 2017, Miu Miu created two giant handbags to launch a new line of ‘ Miulady’ handbags at the opening of a pop-up shop.

The Prada-owned brand were cleverly made to be larger versions of a limited edition green coloured bag, decorated with Miu MIu’s signature jewel buckle. This simple venture promoted the brand, the stores, as well as a new line of bags. All with a simple large-scale design!

Fragrance Lab – London, UK

Time to get scientific!

Fragrance Lab was an immersive scent experience by Campaign and The Future Laboratory. The display was focused on promoting perfumes by Givaudan through an audio-guided journey of the lab.
The experience was housed in an open space of the shop at Selfridges, and took consumers on a journey to find a scent that matched their personality. One which they were able to take with them! Talk about customer service!

Kith – Los Angeles, USA

Marketers always find innovative ways to promote products. Kith decided to use their products to create an environment dedicated to a particular brand of shoes it sells.

Customers stepping into the store walked underneath over 200 casts of Air Jordan trainers hung from the ceiling. A ceiling display!
This then led to a glowing chamber which had the different type of the trainers on display, ready for purchase.

Blue Ribbon – Colorado, USA

At impulsePOP, we believe in a simple yet effective approach to POP displays. And this display at Argonaut Liquors in Denver shows just that. A simple approach can leave a lasting effect!
Pabst’s Blue Ribbon sponsored the ‘Snowboard on the Rocks’ event at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado in 2011. This opened an avenue of creativity for the store.
The shop took the simple route, showing exactly what snowboarders do with the product as a creative substitute for snow. Simple and effective.

Nike – London, UK

This one is a display with a cause. Nike celebrated the Nike Women’s 10km race in 2015 with special displays at its London outlets.
Mannequins in Nike sportswear stood in a V-formation, with the ‘WE RUN LDN’ mantra featured behind. Merchandise was displayed in clearly defined spaces including a footwear wall and bra bar.
Nike were direct with their female target customers, with an empowering message and forward-driven display. Eye catching and on brand.

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