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Yara Bunker Forecourt

For some years, ImpulsePOP has manufactured the metal powder- coated AdBlue Forecourt Point of Sale Display Bunkers for sitting at major filling stations and forecourts across the UK.

AdBlue is a motor vehicle additive that reduces emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust gases of UK diesel vehicles and these product display bunkers provide a secure, lockable freestanding unit for the AdBlue products.

Easy to update graphics, promotional messaging and pricing boards are accommodated on the metal display unit for maximum client education and engagement.

The units can be sited within any relevant mainstream retail environment as well as the filling stations, but more particularly where heavy products are sold and stored externally to the store.

Positioned to capture the maximum number of passing customers, with the appropriate high visibility brand messages, these bunkers help to show the AdBlue products in a clearly understandable manner and to encourage an impulse purchase opportunity.

One of the greatest advantages of the bunker for the major filling stations and retailers is that it enables a high volume stock- load of heavy products, liquid bottles and plastic containers to be displayed in an outside environment, giving more space internally for other smaller fast moving consumer items.

On pavement and on forecourt product storage requires informative, updatable and educational product graphics, so with large graphic insert areas to promote product and brand awareness, the advantages of these striking powder coated metal bunker constructions are appreciated by client and consumer alike.

The construction of this bunker display unit ensures that the unit is long-lasting and durable.

With the lockable facility, there are so many other potential uses for this type of metal display, including commercial premises, households, golf ranges, childrens’ play areas and garden centres.


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